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Winter 2017


Laminated wood -- Technolgical innovations, Laminated wood construction -- Oregon, LEVER Architecture, Sustainable forestry -- Oregon


In a rapidly urbanizing world fueled by the enormous demand to house and shelter billions of people in the upcoming decades, building materials must be utilized that have a lighter climate impact than today’s commonly used energy-intensive building materials.

Is there an alternative to the energy-intensive concrete jungle that is both sustainable and financially viable? How can our built environment enhance, rather than destroy, the natural environment? Part of the solution lies in a recent innovation that uses one of the world’s oldest building materials, wood, with a modern twist: cross-laminated timber, often abbreviated as CLT. These wood-based structures can create an integration between the urban built environment and the natural world.


Originally appeared in the Winter 2017 edition of Metroscape, published by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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