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The goal of this project was the creation of a catalogue of all marginal notes and nota bene intended to draw attention to specific passages within the Fasciculus temporum.

This catalogue is meant to be used as a quick reference for readers to assist in finding specific marginalia and nota bene with greater ease. It covers folios 4-23. This compilation of notes written in the Fasciculus temporum could also be used as a research tool for further study of this edition (Prüss, Strassburg, c.1490) of the Fasciculus temporum.

This catalogue describes the notations by folio and location on the page. In order to produce a better understanding of the notes taken, the Latin has been roughly translated.

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Incunabula, Marginalia


Christianity | European History | Medieval History | Medieval Studies


This essay is part of a series of research projects written for Professor John Ott's Spring 2020 Medieval History seminar on PSU Library Special Collections' Malleus maleficarum and Fasciculus temporum codex.

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Marginalia and Nota bene in the <i>Fasciculus temporum</i>: Frontispiece and Folios 4-23