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Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, England

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"A conveyance by Richard Gayows the Elder (formerly of Catworth in Huntingdonshire) and Thomas Lewys (formerly of Tilbrook in the same county) to Robert Portesoyll and others of land in Wornditch, Kimbolton, beside that owned by the Duke of Buckingham. The land in question is a manse, 12 acres of farmland, and a pasture, and it is noteworthy that the two owners transfer this property to no fewer than eight persons, Portesoyll (a soldier), John Phillips (rector of the church of Shelton), and six others.” [from dealer's note]

Written in 15th century secretary hand in Latin. Stain from paper clip at upper right, one horizontal and two vertical folds; otherwise the vellum is very clean and the text quite legible. Two wax seals attached: approximately three-fourths of one seal missing, the other nearly all present.

Rose-Wright Manuscript Collection no. 14

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1 leaf; manuscript on parchment.

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16 x 35 cm

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