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Picardy, France

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Recto of manuscript in Latin, written in single columns of 14 lines on each page; ruled in sepia. Gothic book hand.

Primary initial (2-line) at beginning of Psalm 41 in yellow with white tracery and red, blue, and white floral fill, on burnished gold ground from which emanates a border of ivy leaves in red, white, blue, yellow, and burnished gold extending to foot of page. Several secondary (1-line) initials in burnished gold on red and blue ground; 7-line border on inner side of recto consisting of blue, red, yellow, and burnished gold ivy leaves emanating from a white, bearded human face with red wings. End of some lines filled with red or burnished gold flowers on blue ground; end of some lines filled with burnished gold bars decorated with red, blue, yellow, and white ivy leaves and animal heads. Antiphon marked at begining and end with "a'" in red.

Text begins on recto with the end of Psalm 39; continues on recto with antiphon: "Complaceat tibi domine ut eruas me domine ad adiuvandum me respice", followed by "Sitivit"; followed by the beginning of Psalm 41: "Quemadmodum desiderat ... "

Rose-Wright Manuscript Collection no. 21

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1 leaf; manuscript on parchment

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16 x 12 cm

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