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Cairo, Egypt

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Recto of leaf from a Qur'an, circa 1300-1310. Illumination attributed to Sandal.

Text begins on recto at the end of verse 2 of Sūrat al-Aʻlá with "fa-sawwá"; text ends on recto at the beginning of verse 12 with "al-ladhī yaṣlá al-nāra"; text continues on verso with verse 12 at "al-kubrá"; text ends on verso with the end of the sūrah, followed by the title of Sūrat al-Ghāshīyah written in gold ink.

Written in single columns of six lines; text in Naskhi or Thuluth script and headings in Kufic script.

Gift of A. Gordon Hunter.

Original Format

1 leaf; manuscript on paper.

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20 x 15 cm

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