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Urban Land use -- Planning -- Decision making, Transportation -- Planning -- Metropolitan areas, Cities and towns -- Growth, Land use -- Government policy


In 2010, an interdisciplinary team from the National Policy Consensus Center at Portland State University and the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon conducted a study examining the arrangements and mechanisms for integrating land use and transportation in metropolitan regions and assessing these arrangements based on current practice and future potential. The four case study regions were: Portland, Oregon; Puget Sound, WA; San Diego, CA, and Denver, CO.

The methods used in this study included a research forum held in September, 2010 in Portland, Oregon to share findings, discuss implications, identify lessons learned and develop best practices.

  • The Forum aimed to address or identify:
  • New federal initiatives that are relevant to the research topic, including the HUD-DOTEPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities
  • The overall research findings and those from specific case study areas
  • Lessons learned and possible 'best practices', including the implications for federal, state and regional programs and initiatives
  • Appropriate next steps, further research needs and distribution of the research & forum products.

The 1.5 day Forum was attended by university researchers, policy makers, representatives from state and federal government agencies and representatives from the four case study regions. The first day was designed to share the results of the research and engage participants in small group discussions on the four main themes (Funding, Policy, Governance, and Coordination) of the project.


Proceedings of a Research Forum held September 8-9, 2010, at Portland State University.

This Forum was organized by Susan Brody and Gail McEwen of the National Policy Consensus Center. Shari Schaftlein, Team Leader of FHWA’s Office of Project Development and Environmental Review, provided project oversight for the Forum.

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