John K. Hellerman

Date of Award

Spring 7-23-2013

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Applied Linguistics

Physical Description

1 online resource (iv, 62 pages)


English language -- Study and teaching -- Russian speakers -- Longitudinal studies, Adult education -- Study and teaching -- Longitudinal studies, English language -- Intonation -- Study and teaching -- Longitudinal studies




This thesis investigates the development of intonation in questions and L1 influence. It is a longitudinal study using data from classroom interaction over six ten-week terms. The data was from video recordings at the National Labsite for Adult ESOL at Portland State University.Yes-no/and wh-/questions from one Russian speaking learner of English were analyzed over time and by language support level. Both acoustic and perceptual analysis was done. The yes-no/questions showed a clear pattern of target-like boundary tones more often without language support than with language support. A much smaller percentage of wh-/questions were target-like. The influence of L1 on L2 intonation was evident in both the yes-no/and wh-questions, although more so in the wh-questions. There were some aspects of interlanguage observed and there was no change in intonation patterns over time to become more target-like. Implications for this study include the importance in teaching intonation explicitly and how classroom exercises may or may not facilitate the development of L2 intonation.

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