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Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Science


Applied Science

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1 online resource (71, [1] leaves, ill. 28 cm.)


Structural frames, Electronic data processing -- Structural analysis (Engineering)




This investigation was undertaken to develop plastic design aids to be used in the direct design of optimum frames. It uses the concept of minimum weight of plastically designed steel frames, and the concept of linear programming to obtain general solutions. Among the special characteristics of this study are: A. The integration of both gravity and combined loading conditions into one linear programming problem. B. The application of the revised simplex method to the dual of a parametric original problem. C. The application of A and B above in the development of design aids for the optimum design of symmetrical single-bay, single-story portal frame. Specifically, design graphs for different height to span ratios and different vertical load to lateral load ratios are developed. The use of these graphs does not require the knowledge of linear programming or computers on the part of the designer.

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