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Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.)



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1 online resource ([iv], 19 pages)


Sculpture -- Study and teaching (Secondary)




This thesis proposes to develop a one-year sculpture program for high school art students. The intention is to present a reference and guide for those teachers interested in establishing their own sculpture program. Justifications for the course are discussed, including the importance of experiencing three-dimensional forms for any student interested in the visual experiences of life - be it nature or the man-made environment. The general approach to teaching sculpturing is presented along with a sequence of projects designed to provide the student with a variety of experiences with sculpturing as an art form and means of personal expression. Also included is a description of desirable classroom characteristics, materials and tools. The conclusion contains my personal views on the value of offering sculpturing at the high school level and the benefits to student, school and community. I also recommend a means of selecting students for the class and reasons for such selection. Here also, as a result of three year's of teaching at the high school level, I feel that it is necessary to make comment about the importance of the high school art teacher's commitment to their subject matter.

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