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Social desirability, Interpersonal check list, Marlowe Crowne social desirability scale



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The purpose of this study is to investigate whether number of responses is related to the social desirability and intensity of the test items. 61 Ss were administered the Interpersonal Check List and the Marlowe Crowne Social Desirability Scale. From the Interpersonal Check List number of responses, average item intensity and average item social desirability were calculated. Average item social desirability was calculated from individual item social desirability values obtained from ratings by another, similar S group. The results showed that number of responses is negatively correlated with average item social desirability and positively correlated with average item intensity, as predicted. Social desirability and intensity are negatively correlated. Data pertaining to the Marlowe Crowne scale, a measure of the tendency of an individual S to respond in a socially desirable manner, were inconclusive. It is concluded that a S giving a low number of responses on the Interpersonal Check List is probably trying to create a good impression by refusing to endorse extreme or undesirable test items.


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