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Hejaz (Saudi Arabia) -- History




This thesis is an attempt to put together the history of Al-Hijaz, and to present a description of the political situation during the period from the year 1520 through the year 1632. The period starts three years after the submission of Sharif Barakat II of Mecca to the new Islamic power, the Ottomans. And it concludes with the restoration of order in Mecca in 1632. In deciding to select this topic, I was inspired by the lack of a complete history of the Holy Lands during the period, the importance of the period, and the fact that most authors who dealt with the area, during or after the period, took sides either with the Ottomans or the Ashrafs of Mecca. In looking for sources, I was unfortunate because I could not find any Ottoman Farman of the period, but I think the other sources, primary and secondary, helped me a lot, and without hesitation I could recommend some of them to any interested student of the area or the period.

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