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Garner Ted Armstrong is fast becoming a well known religious and political commentator. The purpose of this thesis was to describe and discuss the techniques and characteristics of Mr. Armstrong's rhetoric. The question to be answered was "What are the characteristics of a successful religious broadcaster?" The method used-in the selection of the speeches to be used in this study consisted of selection a number of speeches (56), then breaking them down into theme categories. After analysis, there were eleven categories. One speech was selected from each category, and these eleven speeches were the speeches that were used in the study. The results of my study showed that Mr. Armstrong uses various forms of persuasive techniques, among them, for-example, the simile. The logical development of Mr. Armstrong's speeches leaves a great deal to be desired. He does not support his assertions and leaves the audience to supply a great deal of the support and verification for his arguments. His greatest attribute is his voice and personality. He has a very pleasant voice and his personality is similar to that of an entertainer. Possibly his inventory of subjects is one of the main attractions of his broadcast. He speaks, generally, on social problems such as pollution, crime, and drugs. He is a successful broadcaster, and quite possibly it is the combination of these characteristics that make him so successful.


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