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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Sociology



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Older people -- Care




Theoretically every society has some institutional means which seeks to prevent and alleviate personal misfortune and illness "Institutions are standardized solutions to collective problems." The increasing population rate of older persons, many of whom suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities, does pose a collective problem for society. Formerly, the "institutional" approach developed to address the needs of chronic aging patients and society. Today the "community" approach, by which community service agencies whose goal is to help older adults remain independent of total institutional care by supplying supportive services, is achieving recognition .

This thesis is an exploratory study to assess similarities and/or dissimilarities between two distinct groups of elderly persons -- those receiving services in a total institution and those living in the community but receiving supportive services via a community-based delivery system. This delivery system is concerned with supplying human services to those people assumed to be "at risk" of institutional care. It is assumed that the clients of such a system are similar to those persons within an institution.

The major purpose of this study is to validate this assumption. If this assumption is proved true , it is thought that it could have important consequences on future policies concerning health-care systems for the aged.

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