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Student evaluation of teachers, Student counselors, Albina Youth Opportunity School



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This project is a descriptive study of the Albina Youth Opportunity School of Portland, Oregon. The school is described as one whose primary function is to help disadvantaged students who have extreme social and academic problems. The study focused on the students' perception of their teachers, who are defined by the school as teacher-counselors. Of the seventy full-time students, sixty-five participated in the study, and five refused to do so.

The major questions of the study were concerned with the students' assessment of the teacher-counselors characteristics. Main areas for exploration dealt with the students' perception of the role of a teacher-counselor in relation to their specific needs. Factors taken into consideration were sex, age, length of attendance at the school, and the student's belief that the teacher-counselor liked or disliked him.

A questionnaire was administered to each student in order to determine his assessment of the teacher-counselor role. Date was analyzed with the help of scale-measured attitudes of variables dealing with teaching and counseling items and tests of significance. Indices were computed from the data. Descriptive statistics included the use of frequency distribution, percentages, means, medians, and correlations.

Study findings indicated that some students see the role differently, and some differences were difficult to interpret in terms of specific traits. There were differences in perception associated with the factors of sex, end length of attendance at the school. The findings suggest that the student's belief that the teacher-counselor like or dislike s him or her is associated with perception. They also yield evidence that the students perceive the teacher-counselor concept as a duel role. Implications are that the students who attend this school are being provided learning environment which is helpful to their needs.


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A research report submitted to Portland State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Work.

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