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Gold, Mössbauer effect



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Precision measurements of the Debye-Waller factor of Fe57 in Au using the wide black absorber technique have been made in the temperature range from room temperature to 830 K. The major source of error arises from Au Ly x-rays which are unresolved by the radiation detection system from the 14.4 KeV gamma ray. The K absorption edge of Br has been used to correct for the presence of x-rays.

These measurements have revealed the existence of two nonequivalent lattice sites which the Co57 impurity (parent of Fe57) may occupy. One of the sites has been populated by quenching the source from temperatures greater than 1150 K and has been identified as a substitutional lattice site. From an analysis of the Mössbauer spectrum it is concluded that some of the substitutional sites may be in the vicinity of dislocations. It has been determined that the impurity-host force constant for Fe57 atoms in the substitutional site is about the same as the host-host force constant; the experimental value of the anharmonicity parameter ɛ (-2) for Fe57 in the Au is nearly the same as calculated values of ɛ (-2) for pure Au.

The second site forms very slowly upon annealing the source at intermediate temperatures and has been identified as being interstitial in character. The slow rate of formation of the interstitial site indicates that diffusion is a primary mechanism in its formation. The second site must therefore be more complicated than an ordinary interstitial. It is proposed that this site is a split, or dumbbell, interstitial formed by substituting two impurity atoms for one of the Au atoms.


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