Melanie Mitchell

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science


Computer Science

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1 online resource (vii, 64 pages)


Image segmentation, Scalability, Recognition algorithms, Computer vision, Pattern recognition systems, Image processing, Optical pattern recognition




A long standing debate in computer vision community concerns the link between segmentation and recognition. The question I am trying to answer here is, Does image segmentation as a preprocessing step help image recognition? In spite of a plethora of the literature to the contrary, some authors have suggested that recognition driven by high quality segmentation is the most promising approach in image recognition because the recognition system will see only the relevant features on the object and not see redundant features outside the object (Malisiewicz and Efros 2007; Rabinovich, Vedaldi, and Belongie 2007). This thesis explores the following question: If segmentation precedes recognition, and segments are directly fed to the recognition engine, will it help the recognition machinery? Another question I am trying to address in this thesis is of scalability of recognition systems. Any computer vision system, concept or an algorithm, without exception, if it is to stand the test of time, will have to address the issue of scalability.


Portland State University. Dept. of Computer Science

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