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Franz Rad

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Spring 6-1-2015

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering




Fiber-reinforced concrete -- Testing, Concrete beams -- Testing, Shear (Mechanics), Metal fibers, Polypropylene fibers



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Shear strength of fiber reinforced concrete beams was studied in this research project. Three types of fibers were examined: hooked-end steel fiber, crimped-steel fiber, and crimped-monofilament polypropylene fibers. The experimental program included five beam specimens. Two of the beams were control specimens in which one was reinforced with minimum shear reinforcement according to ACI 318, while the other one did not have any shear reinforcement. Each one of the other three specimens was reinforced with one of the above mentioned fibers by 1% volumetric ratio. In addition to the beam specimens, three prisms were also made for each type fiber to determine their toughness.

The aim of this research was to investigate the following questions for medium-high concrete strength 1) to evaluate the effectiveness of each type of fibers on the shear strength, 2) to investigate the shear strength, toughness, crack patterns and near ultimate load crack width of each beam, and 3) to determine if using 1% volumetric ratio of fibers as shear reinforcement in beams would provide adequate strength and stiffness properties comparable to reinforcing steel used as minimum shear reinforcement.

The results showed that all three types of fibers increased the shear capacity of the beam specimens more than the beam reinforced with minimum shear reinforcement. Moreover, some of the fibers used could shift the type of failure from a pure shear failure to a combined flexural-shear or pure flexural failure.


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