Birol Yesilada

Date of Award

Summer 9-30-2015

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Degree Name

Master of Science (M.S.) in Political Science


Political Science

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1 online resource (vii, 68 pages)


Poland -- Politics and government -- 21st century, European Union -- Poland -- Economic integration, European Union countries -- Relations – Poland, Poland -- Relations -- European Union countries




On May 1st 2004, Poland entered the European Union (EU), introducing new variables into the domestic politics of the Polish Republic. Since gaining its independence from Soviet control in 1989, Poland’s political landscape can be described as a dynamic and ever changing force towards democratic maturation. With the accession of Poland to the EU, questions of European integration and Europeanization have arisen, most specifically with how these two processes effect and shape the behaviors of domestic political actors.

With Poland entering its second decade of EU membership, this study attempts to explain how, and if, further European integration has had any effect on the Europeanization of political parties in Poland. Building upon the work of various scholars, most notably Aleks Szczerbiak, this study examines the years 2009-2014, and examines Poland’s political parties through Robert Ladrech’s framework of Europeanization.

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