Middle and Upper Eocene Biostratigraphy (Foraminifera) of the Cascade Head Area, Lincoln and Tillamook Counties, Oregon

Arden D. Callender Jr., Portland State University


An almost complete sequence of middle and upper marine strata, informally designated in this study as the "Strata of Cascade Head", has yielded 334 species and varieties of fossil Foraminifera. The Foraminifera were collected from 38 localities in four stratigraphic sections measured along the Salmon River, Neskowin Creek, Cascade Head Road, and near the town of Three Rocks in the central Oregon Coast Range. Five species and one variety included within the genera Denta Zina, EZphidium, Nodosaria (?), Nonion, Vvigerina, and vuivuiina are described as new but are not formally designated. Chitostomeiioides eocenica and Triiocuiina tricarinata are reported for the first time from Eocene deposits on the West Coast.