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Mohammad Aslam Khan Khalil

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Fall 11-16-2015

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Systems Science


Systems Science




Power resources -- Mathematical models, Energy conservation -- Planning, Energy consumption -- Management



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1 online resource (xv, 567 pages)


One of the greatest challenges that will face humanity in the 21st century is the issue of climate change brought about by emissions of greenhouse gases. Energy use is one of the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is also one of the most important contributors to improved human welfare over the past two centuries and will continue to be so for years to come. This quandary has led a number of researchers to suggest that geoengineering may be required in order to allow for continued use of fossil fuels while at the same time mitigating the effects of the associated greenhouse gas emissions on the global climate. The goal of this research was to develop a model that would allow decision-makers and policy analysts to assess the optimal mix of energy and geoengineering resources needed to meet global or regional energy demand at the lowest cost while accounting for appropriate emissions, greenhouse gas concentration, or temperature rise constraints. The resulting software model is called the Combined Energy and Geoengineering Optimization Model (CEAGOM). CEAGOM was then used to analyze the recently announced U.S.-China emissions agreement and to assess what the optimal global energy resource mix might be over the course of the 21st century, including the associated potential need for geoengineering. These analyses yielded optimal mixes of energy and geoengineering resources that could be used to inform regional and global energy and climate management strategies.


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The full MATLAB source code for CEAGOM for the entire suite of tools described in this research is included as supplemental files in the Additional Files section below.

This code should be run on MATLAB R2010a version 7 or higher. The code was developed using the student version of MATLAB R2010a, so it will run quite well on the respective student versions of the MATLAB program.

In July 2018 The Errata for A Combined Energy and Geoengineering Optimization Model (CEAGOM) for Climate Policy Analysis was added and the following of the MATLAB files were updated: ToyOptCl.m, ToyOptCMEM.m, ToyOptEM.m, ToyOptNL.m, and ToyOptTL.m files

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Errata for Anasis CEAGOM Dissertation - July, 2018.pdf (349 kB)

CEAGOM Users Guide.pdf (204 kB)
CEAGOM User’s Guide

393027_supp_F6E31820-88AF-11E5-8A38-281459571AF4.csv (1 kB)
AEO2015 Electricity Conversion

393027_supp_D34402D0-88AF-11E5-B6A7-B3D194EF0FC5.csv (1 kB)
AEO2015 Combustion Demand Conversion

393027_supp_0740DDB0-88B0-11E5-9E2B-88D294EF0FC5.csv (2 kB)
AEO2015 Liquid Conversion

393027_supp_3500AC58-88B0-11E5-BAF3-511459571AF4.csv (2 kB)
AEO2015 Residential Combustion Conversion

393027_supp_4037E442-88B0-11E5-9D3A-C4D294EF0FC5.csv (1 kB)
AEO2015 Total Energy Conversion

393027_supp_5D872968-88B0-11E5-9A03-E4D294EF0FC5.csv (1 kB)
China Combustion Calculation

393027_supp_77E962C6-88B0-11E5-A91C-191559571AF4.csv (1 kB)
China Electricity Demand Calculation

393027_supp_7F37E0DE-88B0-11E5-8C6C-1F1559571AF4.csv (1 kB)
China Liquid and Total Energy Demand

393027_supp_8B387B78-88B0-11E5-98ED-A91559571AF4.csv (49 kB)
China Resource Parameters

393027_supp_A82D8886-88B0-11E5-BF73-8C1659571AF4.csv (9 kB)
Comparison Percent Differences

393027_supp_B5A1009C-88B0-11E5-9171-A4BE4D662D30.m (49 kB)
Source Code - ConstantsCL

393027_supp_C77AFE76-88B0-11E5-890B-74D494EF0FC5.m (49 kB)
Source Code - ConstantsCMEM

393027_supp_DEDC13E8-88B0-11E5-BE35-47BF4D662D30.m (54 kB)
Source Code - ConstantsEM

393027_supp_EB629CEA-88B0-11E5-8D18-92D494EF0FC5.m (48 kB)
Source Code - ConstantsNL

393027_supp_FC4A88BA-88B0-11E5-BF76-ABD494EF0FC5.m (48 kB)
Source Code - ConstantsTL

393027_supp_1C949354-88B1-11E5-B9B1-89BF4D662D30.m (18 kB)
Source Code - ConstraintsCL

393027_supp_2F85E6C0-88B1-11E5-9792-A51759571AF4.m (18 kB)
Source Code - ConstraintsCMEM

393027_supp_3B39FA56-88B1-11E5-BD58-3F1859571AF4.m (18 kB)
Source Code - ConstraintsEM

393027_supp_551D1354-88B1-11E5-9FA9-301959571AF4.m (17 kB)
Source Code - ConstraintsNL

393027_supp_5E0C3B70-88B1-11E5-93B2-321959571AF4.m (18 kB)
Source Code - ConstraintsTL

393027_supp_68B449E6-88B1-11E5-BF3E-4CD694EF0FC5.csv (69 kB)
Global Resource Parameters

393027_supp_7FA90BD2-88B1-11E5-983A-1EC14D662D30.m (5 kB)
Source Code - ObjectiveCL

393027_supp_90ABAF52-88B1-11E5-9B1A-77D694EF0FC5.m (5 kB)
Source Code - ObjectiveCMEM

393027_supp_9E466242-88B1-11E5-B651-58C14D662D30.m (5 kB)
Source Code - ObjectiveEM

393027_supp_B5F1A028-88B1-11E5-8A85-E61959571AF4.m (5 kB)
Source Code - ObjectiveNL

393027_supp_C71654A2-88B1-11E5-B9D1-90C14D662D30.m (5 kB)
Source Code - ObjectiveTL

ToyOptCL.m (60 kB)
Source Code - ToyOptCL

ToyOptCMEM.m (59 kB)
Source Code - ToyOptCMEM

ToyOptEM.m (61 kB)
Source Code - ToyOptEM

ToyOptNL.m (59 kB)
Source Code - ToyOptNL

ToyOptTL.m (60 kB)
Source Code - ToyOptTL

393027_supp_2A12D436-88B2-11E5-8EB2-4F1C59571AF4.m (2 kB)
Source Code - Unrecov

393027_supp_388D23CC-88B2-11E5-991E-7ED894EF0FC5.m (2 kB)
Source Code - Unrecov2

393027_supp_4CF96FBE-88B2-11E5-A647-C4C34D662D30.m (2 kB)
Source Code - Unrecov3

393027_supp_57D6C1B6-88B2-11E5-89EE-AFD894EF0FC5.m (2 kB)
Source Code - Unrecov4

393027_supp_68052898-88B2-11E5-B759-C1D894EF0FC5.csv (50 kB)
US Resource Parameters