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Gabe Urza

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Winter 3-30-2018

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Closed Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing






Sturgis (Mich.) -- Fiction, Middle West -- Fiction



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1 online resource (ii, 89 pages)


This is a collection of short fiction in two parts. The first is a history, a Wikipedia-esque examination of the land swath that happens to be Sturgis, Michigan. The second looks at the lives of the uncomfortable who happen to live in this swath, those who don't fit nicely into Sunday best button ups or easily defined sexual orientations or a food pyramid that lacks Mountain Dew. Like a cleaning woman who loves her lizards but isn't sure she knows how to love another human. Like a son who knows how to beat a video game but not how to handle the complicated love and hate he feels for his mom after her death. Like a young man who knows he wants a pierced nipple but little else. Sturgis, Michigan, Notable explores the nuances that get glossed when discussing flyover states.


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