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Gary L. Gard

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemistry




Fluorine compounds, Sulphur pentafluoride, Diolefins, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy



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1 online resource (2, x, 137 p.)


The purpose of this thesis was two fold: (i) The synthesis and characterization of SF5 containing dienes. (ii) The characterization of hydro/fluorocarbon compounds containing SF5/S02F groups via their 13C NMR spectra. A new SF5CH2CHBrCH2CF=CF2 was prepared and characterized as a precursor to new dielectric polymers. This new adduct was made from the reaction of pentafluorothio bromide with l,l,2-trifluoro-1,4-pentadiene. A SF5-diene was prepared from the reaction of pentafluorothio chloride with acetylene. This reaction involves a radical addition mechanism. The SF5 group is bonded to the carbon atom carrying the most hydrogens. SF5 - dienes are capable of undergoing different reactions, such as polymerization. Fluorocarbon sulfonyl fluorides (RS02F), which have been synthesized in our lab, were characterized by their 13C NMR spectra. The 13C NMR data of these sulfonyl fluorides show chemical shift values for the methyl and methylene groups next to a fluoroalkyl sulfonyl fluoride group in the 52.8-65.7 ppm range. The spectra showed that the inductive effect of electronegative substituents has a major influence on the 1Jc-F and 1Jc-H coupling. Infrared, 1H, 19F and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectra are presented to support the assigned structure for the new compounds, SF5CH=CHCH=CHC1 and SF5CH2CHBrCH2CF=CF2.


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