David Kinsella

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Spring 1-1-2012

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Political Science


Political Science

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1 online resource (iv, 118 p.)


ASEAN, Supranational, Transnational threat, Human trafficking -- Prevention -- International cooperation, Human trafficking (International law), Supranationalism, ASEAN




Transnational security threats are among the most pressing and complicated problems facing both governmental and non-governmental actors in today's world. Human trafficking is one example of contemporary transnational security threat that is relatively less studied compared to other transnational security threats. Because transnational security threats such as human trafficking exist above and outside the boundaries of state control, it may be supposed that a greater degree of supranationalism in the policy responses to them would yield better results in combatting these modern-day ills. Anti-trafficking efforts from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the European Union are examined to assess the impact of degree of supranationalism present in the respective policy responses to determine if any advantage is gained from aligning supranational policies to transnational problems. This question is not answered conclusively due to a lack of supranationalism present in key areas of EU governance responsible for law enforcement efforts.


Hatfield School of Government. Division of Political Science

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