First Advisor

Bin Jiang

Term of Graduation

Spring 2020

Date of Publication


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematics and Statistics




Computer vision, Machine learning, Computer algorithms



Physical Description

1 online resource (xi, 94 pages)


My dissertation presents several new algorithms incorporating non-parametric and deep learning approaches for computer vision and related tasks, including object localization, object tracking and model compression. With respect to object localization, I introduce a method to perform active localization by modeling spatial and other relationships between objects in a coherent "visual situation" using a set of probability distributions. I further refine this approach with the Multipole Density Estimation with Importance Clustering (MIC-Situate) algorithm. Next, I formulate active, "situation" object search as a Bayesian optimization problem using Gaussian Processes. Using my Gaussian Process Context Situation Learning (GP-CL) algorithm, I demonstrate improved efficiency for object localization over baseline procedures. In subsequent work, I expand this research to frame object tracking in video as a temporally-evolving, dynamic Bayesian optimization problem. Here I present the Siamese-Dynamic Bayesian Tracking Algorithm (SDBTA), the first integrated dynamic Bayesian optimization framework in combination with deep learning for video tracking. Through experiments, I show improved results for video tracking in comparison with baseline approaches. Finally, I propose a novel data compression algorithm, Regularized L21 Semi-NonNegative Matrix Factorization (L21 SNF) which serves as a general purpose, parts-based compression algorithm, applicable to deep model compression.


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