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John Beer

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Spring 2021

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Closed Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing







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1 online resource (iv, 105 pages)


Through recursion and visceral language, A for Arson is a compilation of poems depicting a conflagrating identity--a sacred, eternal moment where an eclipse of time and space are forced into the body until it has no choice but to unravel. It is the birthing of an arsonist bent on both destroying the ruins and creating a new soul in the flames. With multiple poems that call to each other across the distance of the pages, A for Arson examines the repeated words, images, and memories that refuse to burn away. This intertextuality causes an obsession with how the mind, body, and soul mutilate the self; how journeying through life and facing consequences is an act, whether intentional or not, of self-immolation. In the inferno, the poems ask the question of how to fight tooth and nail to hang onto what is left in an attempt to become a god of one's own pain.


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