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John Dash

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Physics






Heavy water, Isotopes, Spectrometry, Electrolysis, Palladium, Nuclear reactions



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1 online resource (ix, 56 p.) : ill. (chiefly col.) + 1 SIMSanalysis (OpenOffice Calc file)


This study gives the details about several experiments done in Eugene Mallove Laboratory for New Energy Research. Three experiments are presented and discussed in detail with different type of microscopes and mass spectrometry techniques. Also inspired by work done by Rolison and O'Grady [1], the other part of this study presents the variation of isotopic abundance after experiments on palladium cathode immersed in a heavy water electrolyte. This original inspiring paper has been published through proceedings of the first edition of International Conference on Cold Fusion held in Washington D.C. in 1989. In other words, both works provides similar evidence of an isotopic variation before and after low energy nuclear experiments. By measuring the variation in isotopic concentration, before and after electrolysis, these measurements provide insight for how the low energy nuclear phenomenon occurs. Scanning electron microscopes are used in the first part to provide high resolution, high magnification images of the electrodes. They show the morphology the topology of the cathode after experiment. An energy dispersive mass spectrometer is used to provide elemental composition of the cathode and provide a second independent measurement of elemental composition of the cathode. The presented isotopic measurements are made with a secondary ion mass spectrometer. [1]: D. Rolison & W. O'Grady - Mass/Charge Anomalies in Pd after electrochemical loading with deuterium - Section 10 in Proceedings: EPRI-NSF Workshop on Anomalous Effects in Deuterided Metals - (October 16-18, 1989) Washington, D.C.


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