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Vandy Kanyako

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Spring 2022

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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution





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1 online resource (v, 91 pages)


Trumpism can be defined as racist right-wing neo-fascist populism and nativism combined with a cult of personality. There is very little distinction between neo-fascists, the alt-right, and far-right groups. All can be identified by their socio-political philosophy and vehement beliefs of racial supremacy, ultranationalism, populism, xenophobia, nativism, and anti-immigrant sentiment, as well as being opposed to liberal Western democracy and its values. This thesis explores why there has been a popular international resurgence of far-right neo-fascist movements throughout the European Union and the United States and examines the impact on inter-group social and political relations with those of different racial and religious backgrounds. Using Qualitative Methodology, this thesis reveals how these right-wing, neo-fascists in America maliciously use their constitutionally protected rights to carry arms openly in public as well as in demonstrations to incite tensions on inter-group dynamics, creating an explosive, unsustainable level of social and political tension across the US and EU. In conclusion, this thesis provides reasons, examples, and solutions for bridging the social and political ethno-religious divide between far-right groups and ethno-religious communities, as well as an explanation for the need for "protected hate speech" exceptions to free speech laws in the United States, so that both groups on either side of the socio-political divide can better understand, humanize, and respect one another instead of fearing one another.


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