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Michele Glazer

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Spring 2022

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Closed Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing







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1 online resource (iv, 54 pages)


TermOil both is and isn't what it looks and/or sounds like. It presents a kind of purging, an expectorant treatment of, and for, despair-- but it also acts as a kind of lubricant for manu-fracturing sonic textures at the edges of self-meaning, a manifold of certain uncertainty where one endures questions of grounding amidst various degradations and overturnings. Thus, on one hand, TermOil signifies physical and mental upending, insofar as this collection involves struggles with addiction. On the other hand, it dances around æffects of some more dynamic pathologies involving ecological, social, and political assemblages as they relate to language. TermOil amplifies spillage & slippage, morphemic skidding--the silly, sick, slick areas involving perception and environment, writing and speaking, feeling and knowing. I like to think these poems reach after language of seeking within and beyond unnatural natures through or against euphony and cacophony, maybe even reaching towards something as slippery, dear and dire, as acceptance.


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