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Branimir Pejcinovic

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Fall 1998

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering




Integrated circuits -- Simulation methods, Time-domain reflectometry



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Characterizing the high speed interconnect performance of circuit board, integrated circuit packages and multichip module become very important when the clock frequencies in digital and RF systems become larger than 200 MHz. At time scales less than 2 ns distributed approach must be used to measure package parasitics (stray inductance and capacitance) and transmission line effects.

A practical way to measure and model the package parasitics is by utilizing Interconnect Parameter Analyzer (IP A510). The IP A510 uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technique. The TDR technique is based on sending a waveform to a device under test (DUT) and capturing the reflected waveform. The impedance for the DUT can be measured from the reflected waveform at any point. Using this technique with IP A510 software, we can model the high speed interconnects of circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and multichip modules.

Extracting a passive circuit model for microstrip transmission line and partitioning it into many transmission lines segments using IPA510 is discussed as well as extracting T-Transmission Line model for coupled lines. Lumped LC equivalent circuit for micros trip transmission line lowpass filter is discussed next. We show how models for IC package leads of different lengths are extracted using LC equivalent circuit. Coax Probe Positioning System that is a part of IP A510 is utilized. Extracted model for interconnects helps the circuit designer avoid potentially costly mistake of neglecting package parasitics. To verify the model we take the reflected waveform of the DUT captured by the Digital Sampling Oscilloscope and compare it with the reflected waveform of the model. The reflected waveform for the model is created by utilizing SPICE simulator. In addition to a comparison of output waveforms, we also performed network analyzer measurements of S parameters and compared the results with MDS simulation results. A good agreement was found in both cases, verifying our approach to model extraction.


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