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Lisa Letcher-Glembo

Term of Graduation

Summer 1997

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Speech Communication: Speech and Hearing Sciences


Speech Communication




Deglutition disorders, Premenstrual syndrome



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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) has been associated with a vast number of physical, emotional, social, and behavioral symptomatology. Laryngeal disturbances invoked by hormonal imbalance may affect swallowing as a component of PMS. Previous studies regarding swallowing ability during the premenstrual cycle were nonexistent.

This study examined the relationship between PMS and swallowing disorders. One hundred thirty-seven females completed a written survey that elicited information regarding biographical data, presence and severity of cyclically recurring symptoms associated with PMS, and perceived presence and severity of dysphagia during premenstruum.

Spearman Rank (Rho) correlation coefficients were computed to determine the extent of the relationship between measures obtained from the cyclically recurring symptoms component of the survey with measures obtained from responses to questions regarding swallowing difficulties. A follow-up test to the Spearman Rho, the Pearson correlation coefficient, was completed to examine any intercorrelation between variables. Evidence of swallowing disorders during premenstruum was reported in the survey population. A significant correlation was found between severity of premenstrual symptoms and severity of self-report of dysphagia.

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