First Advisor

Raúl Bayoán Cal

Term of Graduation

Winter 2023

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical and Materials Engineering





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1 online resource (vii, 28 pages)


As wind plant footprints and turbine scales grow larger, understanding the interactions between mesoscale physical phenomena, such as Earth's rotation, and large-scale farm wakes become increasingly important. Current field research notes spatial and temporal influences on the global farm wakes caused by Coriolis forces. However, using field experiments to study this is notoriously difficult as there is additional influence from wind veer in the atmospheric boundary layer caused by many factors ranging from terrain to the diurnal cycles. Experiments are performed on a wind plant under the influence of Coriolis forces. This is achieved by placing the wind plant on a rotating platform. The latter is 13m in diameter and can be filled with water up to 1-meter height. We find that, while the wake of an isolated wind turbine is not affected by inertial forces, they become relevant for the large scale wake from a wind plant. We therefore present experimental evidence on the role of Coriolis forces on the wake dynamics of a wind farm.


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