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Lisa Bates

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January 2023

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citizen advisory committee, community engagement, community planning, implementation

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Urban planning literature contains a wealth of knowledge on community engagement as a crucial component of the planning process, yet there remains a notable gap in our understanding of best practices when it comes to sustaining community involvement for ongoing plan implementation. The County of Hawai‘i, has charted a unique course through the establishment of Action Committees which serve as an intermediary to uplift grassroots implementation efforts while remaining closely entwined with County resources and processes. This interplay provides a unique case study that results in somewhat of an “identity crisis": Action Committees do not have the autonomy of external community groups nor the decision-making authority to direct County policy. Instead, they serve as a community extension and partner to the Planning Department in an advisory capacity. This study used both qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyze Action Committee participant feedback in the form of meeting observation and survey analysis. The ultimate goal of this research study was to derive actionable recommendations based on experiences expressed by program participants to support the County's ongoing community planning efforts and provide insights on a burgeoning area of planning practice regarding the participatory implementation of community plans.


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