First Advisor

Charles Klein

Term of Graduation

Fall 2023

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Degree Name

Master of Science (M.S.) in Anthropology






critical pedagogy, food justice, school garden education, sociocultural anthropology, state power, sustainable agriculture



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1 online resource (iv, 52 pages)


In the realm of critical pedagogy, state power, and food justice in school garden education, this internship reflection paper delves into the creation and impact of a unique video project. Collaborating with a school garden education organization and a local farm owned by a pair of queer, multiracial women near Portland, Oregon, the study aimed to present K-5 students with farming and environmental insights through a food justice lens. Central inquiries explored the intersection of school garden curriculum and farming knowledge, emphasizing community-building and cultural diversity, farmer-environment interactions, engaging young students, and creating a replicable video format. Rooted in critical pedagogical theories, this project challenged conventional education models known for perpetuating hegemonic power structures. Employing participant interviews and videography methods, the study revealed the enthusiasm of students for diverse, inclusive representations of local farmers. Additionally, it highlighted the need for concise video content for younger audiences. This project's significance lies in its contribution to anthropological and social science literature, showcasing school garden education's potential as a platform to counter hegemonic power structures by fostering community-building, celebrating cultural diversity, and nurturing environmental connections. The findings underscore the practical applications of critical pedagogical theory in dismantling existing power structures and advocating for inclusive, justice-oriented education practices.


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