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History, Houston Stewart Chamberlain -- 1855-1927, Bayreuth Kulturkreis



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Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927) was born an Englishman but adopted Germany as his home. Chamberlain was a publicist for "fin de siecle" ideas about art and politics which were tempered by both late nineteenth century Imperialism and by World War One. As an old man he endorsed Adolf Hitler and has been credited as an important synthesizer for the ideology of National Socialism. This study examines Chanber1ain' s life in terms of his involvement with art and politics. It utilizes his work as a popularizer and his conversion into an exponent of Deutschturn to discuss broad social questions. While it is acknowledge that Chamberlain was an important figure in the Gerrrany of his day, this study attempts to place him and his idol, Richard Wagner, in the larger context of intellectual and cultural history. Insofar as Chamberlain was a "rootless" intellectual, he was a paradigm. Accordingly, he is useful in considering the problems faced by intellectuals in the modem age of nationalism, technology, mass culture and alienation. The works consulted were primarily Chamberlain's own publications and a variety of secondary accounts. other research leads have been noted, but these would have to be pursued in Europe. Most of Chamberlain's life up to 1914 has been discussed by recent scholars. This study concludes that the period from World War One needs more research to account for the complex relationship between Chamberlain and the Bayreuth Kulturkreis, and National Socialism and modern society.


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