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Harmony is found between a specific area of professional family life literature and the results of several surveys from within a particular metropolitan area. Revealed is a teacher inadequacy to the task of family life education in the primary and secondary schools. Deterrents are found to be a lack of both pertinent knowledge and skill. Having shown consensus that the stated problem exists the further purpose of the thesis is to propose an aid to its remedy. Three factors require attention. Teachers need additional information from both the social and physical sciences. They need an opportunity to become aware of inhibiting attitudes. Lastly, teachers need experience in creating a dialogue-centered classroom. An in-service teacher education program in family life education is proposed to modify deterrents to teacher adequacy. The proposed program stresses the application of sociological concepts to the mode of conducting the sessions as well as to its content. The resulting kind of education program provides an environment which both stimulates and nurtures readiness for learning. Communication is found to be basic to human interaction and therefore also to human development. It is through the communicative process that teachers-in-service are assisted in becoming aware of their relevant attitudes. At the same time, communicative skills are developed. Concurrently an analytic frame of reference is encouraged through the suggested materials and their use. Care is given in selecting a wide range of types of materials representing contrasting social psychological views. Recognizing the difficulty of maintaining objectivity while discussing potentially emotion laden topics a sociological tool is suggested. Purpose of the tool is to both assist in analysis of materials and to encourage objectivity. Following an accounting' of purposes and goals of the in-service program, techniques are given for its implementation. The program itself consists of ten sessions. Each session 'has a separate topic accompanied by suggested materials. Topics are chosen in order to first lead the teacher-in-service toward an analytical approach to family life materials. Further, teachers are encouraged to seek out frames of reference used in writings on human development. Through discussion teachers will become an active part of the material under study. Several of the sessions are concerned with pertinent aspects of the social institutions of family, religion, education and economics. In addition extensive consideration of physical aspects of human development and their social implications is given. Social change as it is related to the family and male and female roles is important. This emphasis is entirely in keeping with the social psychological frame of reference in which the entire study is placed. Through implementation of the described in service program the deterrents to teacher adequacy to the family life education task may be modified.


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