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Business education -- Vietnam



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This study was an attempt to present a proposal for the development of business education in Viet-Nam. It formulated the philosophy and objectives of business education in Viet-Nam in general both at the university and the secondary level. It also aimed to define the basic model of organization, curriculum development, and faculty recruitment and training. The proposal was based on principles of business education widely accepted in American, Asian, and European countries and on the results of the analysis of the Vietnamese educational system and its environment. It was revealed that, anywhere in the world, there is a vital need for a well-founded general education to be supplemented and complemented by various types of vocational education, one of which is business education. It was also conceived that, with reasonable adaptations, principles of business education developed and widely accepted in other countries may be applied in Viet-Name As a result of the study, it was proposed that business education should be a related and integral part of the Vietnamese total program of education. In Viet-Nam today there is a great need for qualified business managers and competent white collar workers to strengthen the national business system. A strong business system is needed to facilitate the transfer of technology, to develop commerce and industry, to achieve economic independence, and to accelerate rehabilitation after the war. The objectives of business education in Viet-Nam should be general for everyone, prevocational and vocational at the secondary level, and professional at the university level. Vietnamese business education should reconcile culture and career in order to provide competent employees, managers, and administrators who are socially, emotionally, intellectually, and civicly open-minded citizens. The proposal also recommended that a Faculty of Business and section of business education teacher-training of the Faculty of Pedagogy should be created in the state university. At the secondary level business education should be offered as general education in the traditional academic high schools and as vocational education in the upper secondary schools of business and in the business education stream of the comprehensive high schools. Private business education institutions should be encouraged as one segment of the national effort toward adult vocational education. A business educator training program should be planned and realized as soon as possible because it is vital to the development of a business education program.


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