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Interpersonal Check List, Interpersonal relations



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Validity of the orthogonal dimensions underlying the Interpersonal Check List (ICL) and the octant constellations assumed to be their measure was investigated by inferential design. Experimental conditions consisted of 4 role-played videotapes produced so that the interpersonal behavior of the main character would illustrate the 4 poles of the ICL’s 2 bipolar dimensions -- Dominance-Submission and Love-Hostility. So were 200 students enrolled in 8 beginning-psychology summer classes. Each class viewed, via closed-circuit TV, only 1 of the 4 videotapes; then members were asked to describe the main character viewed, by using an ICL form IV. Protocols were scored by a computer package of the author's writing. Resulting profiles from classes seeing the same tape were pooled to form 4 treatment groups corresponding to the 4 poles of the ICL then statistically compared by means of a multivariate analogue to analysis of variance. Hypotheses concerning octant constellation comparisons were tested by the Tukey (b) procedure. Results support the assumption that 2 bipolar dimensions underly the ICL and that original formulations of LaForge and Suczek concerning the interpersonal variables taken to be their measure are correct. Results can be taken only as an indirect validation of summary scores Dom and Lov. Differences between these findings and previous published findings were noted and discussed.


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