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Open Pedagogy is the practice of engaging students in content creation through "renewable assignments" so that their work lives on beyond the course and has an authentic audience. In this workshop, you will learn about how to structure an Open Pedagogy assignment and will see examples from faculty who have designed their own renewable assignments.

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Shane Abrams: Shane is currently a high school English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher in Ashland, Oregon. After cutting his teeth at a high school for at-risk youth in Colorado, he taught literature & composition at Portland State University and Portland Community College for four years, where he authored a writing textbook and loudly advocated for adjunct rights through union organizing. Amid teaching essential academic and socioemotional skills, he aims to cultivate activism and agency among young people.

Frank Granshaw: Frank currently works at the Department of Geology, Portland State University. Frank does research in Educational Technology, Glacial Geology, and Remote Sensing. Their most recent publication is 'The 'benchmark glacier' concept - Does it work? Lessons from the North Cascade Range, USA'.

Veronica Hotton: Veronica is an Instructor at Portland State University in the University Studies program. Veronica received a Ph.D. in Education from Simon Fraser University that focused on Curriculum Theory and Implementation, Philosophy of Education. She has an M.A. in Geography from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Veronica also has a B.S. in Environmental Studies & Music, and a B.M. in Orchestral Instruments, which are both from Central Michigan University.


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Open Education Week: Open Pedagogy and Student Content Creation