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A Non-Profit Corporation


Dan Hayes


714-1/2 N.E Alberta


In early October of 1967, a meeting took place in the home of Reverend Samuel Johnson, a member of the C-CAP (Church Community Action Program), in hopes of started a newspaper that would be positive force within the N.E. Portland community. The group that met are as follows: Rozell Gilmore, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Service Center (ANSC and primary agency in the War on Poverty), Hazel Hays, Mrs. Curtis Stiggers, and Reverend Paul Schulze. The group asked two others to attend: Mrs. Averill Geus (ANSC) and Gordon Macnab of the Associated Press. They all agreed that a newspaper was possible. At a later meeting, Emile Summers, interim director of ANSC, Rufus Butler, Alan Z. Bowens, and Mrs. Kay Jernigan all joined the board. Karl Lind of Cascade Publishing Company on N.E. Union Avenue (now Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) all had contributing factors in the beginnings of The Oregon Advance Times. The first issue was released free of charge February 1968.

Mission Statement

The Oregon Advance/TIMES goes to press weekly to serve residents of the North-North-east Central­ area of Portland with news about the life of our community; information on the opportunities before us; discussion of the social and political issues that confront us. The Oregon Advance/TIMES gives to our community a newspaper which factually reports the news of our area and aggressively seeks the full rights of our citizens. It will provide a forum for community expression and help people become more conscious of their obligations to themselves and their community. In all this, the truth, as we see it, will be consistently presented.

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A Non-Profit Corporation


Dan Hayes


714-1/2 N.E Alberta

Notes of Interest

Feb 68: “This is the first issue of The Oregon Advance Times, a weekly newspaper owned and written in Albina by Albina residents.”

"The Advance Times enjoyed a wide circulation throughout the state of Oregon. It also had a Friday evening news report on OPB Radio."

First issue has a very large write up of the members of the Board of Directors and their ties to the community; Albina Neighborhood Services, NAACP, NAACP Credit Union, Model Cities, PDC, Albina Citizens' War on Poverty, Albina Art Center, Tektronix, Urban League etc. Also: Article about a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Also article on Richard Bogle who is the first African American hired as a newsman. Committee formed due to racial tensions at Jefferson, School-Community Citizens Committee.

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Portland, Oregon

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print newspaper, 11 1/2" x 17 1/2"

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Oregon Advance Times-February 1, 1968