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Reports on Establishing New City Tax Base (Municipal Measure No. 52): Charter amendment increasing city tax base from present base for 1961-1962 of $12,988,572 which would amount to $13,768,077 for 1962-1963, to $16,000,000 as new tax base for subsequent computations.

Improvements Program with New Tax Base (Municipal Measure No. 53): Ballot Measure No. 53 is a companion to measure No. 52 which would increase the tax base. Measure No. 53 would add Section 7-122 to the City Charter, requiring the City Council at the beginning of each fiscal year to set aside ten percent of the annual tax levy for assets or improvements. Since its adoption is contingent upon the passage of ballot measure No. 52 and is related thereto, the same Committee undertook study of both measures.

Report on Adjusting Certain Fire-Police Pensions ( Municipal Measure No. 54): Charter amendment to increase and correlate with current salaries of first-class firefighters and first-class patrolmen, pensions of retired firemen and policemen and their widows and dependent minor children, if either retirement or death occurred prior to July 1, 1947, and providing for annual adjustments.

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