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Report on Establishing New City Tax Base (Municipal Measure No.52): Charter amendment increasing city tax base from present base for 19(52-63 of $13,781,009 which would amount to $14,607,869 for 1963-64. to $16,000,000 as new tax base for subsequent computation.

Report on Repeals School District Reorganization Law (State Measure No. 10): "Repeals School District Reorganization Law. Establishes unified districts. Reinstates former county unit systems in place of administrative districts. Authorizes elections to reinstate former districts." (The complete text of the measure can be found in the Voter's Pamphlet.)

Report of Special Inquiry Directed to School Superintendents.

Report on Legislative Apportionment Constitutional Amendment (State Measure No. 9): Changes legislative apportionment formula. Creates 30 permanent representative Districts. Permits enlargement of Senate to 35. Enlarges house to 65 or more. Provides for enforcement.

Report on Special City Tax Levy for Civil Defense and Disaster Relief (Municipal Measure No. 51): An Act amending city charter to provide a special tax levy of $75,000 for each of five successive years beginning' with the fiscal year 19(53-64 to be placed in a special fund for Disaster Relief and Civil Defense.

Published in City Club of Portland Bulletin Vol. 43, No. 21

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