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The City Club of Portland has charged your Committee with addressing the major issues which affect the control of air pollution in Portland. The tasks involved were basically three:

Task 1: We were instructed to familiarize ourselves with current federal, state and local air pollution regulations, pollution sources and types, and pollution control and measurement technology, with particular regard to specific pollutants and t heir sources, health effects, regulatory responsibilities and the function of groups with interests in the air pollution area.

Task 2: We were instructed to determine if there presently exists a comprehensive, workable, and coherent air pollution control policy as a guide for decision making in the Portland area. If policies do exist, who administers them? What is the impact of competing interests on the effectiveness of the policies and t heir administration? Are multiple agencies attempting to interpret and administer the same policies or regulations with inconsistent results? Are the policies comprehensive enough? Are the policies flexible enough to take into account new unpredicted factors? Do the policies take into account the possibility of alternative pollution control strategies? Do they use effective criteria for selecting control strategies?

Task 3: We were instructed to make recommendations for new policies and policy implementation, taking into account: social factors such as health, livability and freedom of choice; environmental issues such as potential physical degradation to structural forms or degradation of natural systems; economic factors — the cost to industry or individuals; and transportation.

Published in City Club of Portland Bulletin Vol. 64, No. 03 (Special Edition)

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