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This measure changes current provisions relating to property taxation. The measure establishes the maximum assessed value of property in this state for the 1997-1998 tax year as 90 percent of the property's real market value in the 1995-1996 tax year and then limits any increase in maximum assessed value for tax years following 1997-1998 to three percent per year. For the 1997-1998 tax year, the measure generally reduces the total of all taxing district levies in the state by 17 percent. This reduction will reflect Measure 47 cuts by basing the cuts on the lesser of the 1995- 1996 tax minus 10 percent of the 1994-1995 tax, adjusted for voterapproved levies. For subsequent tax years, the measure permanently fixes the tax rates of each taxing district, based on each district's 1997-1998 levy. The measure permits assessed values to be adjusted for new property or property improvements and certain other events, but limits the amount of the adjustment. The measure permits certain local option taxes, if approved by voters. The measure retains the existing total property tax rate for all property taxes, including local option taxes but excluding taxes for bonds, at $5 per $1,000 of value for schools and $10 per $1,000 of value for nonschool government. The measure repeals obsolete constitutional provisions.

Published in City Club of Portland Bulletin vol. 78, no. 47 (1997-5-2)

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