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Supplement to the City Club of Portland Bulletin, Vol. 95, No. 20, October 19, 2012

CITY OF PORTLAND MEASURE 26-146: Restore School Arts, Music Education; Fund Arts through Limited Tax Measure 26-146, the Portland Arts Education and Access Income Tax Measure, creates a new dedicated funding source for support of school- and community-based arts. Funds would be raised through a $35 per-person tax imposed on all adult income-earning residents of Portland residing in households above the federal poverty level.

Your committee believes that both classroom arts instruction and community-based arts organizations are critical to the long-term success of our city. A strong arts program in our public schools is important in educating engaged citizens and a creative workforce. A vibrant arts community attracts highly skilled workers and innovative companies to our city. There is also consensus among committee members that funding for such activities is unduly constrained by Oregon’s tax structure.

Opponents of Measure 26-146 are concerned by its misleading ballot title, questions concerning its constitutionality, the tax’s impact on low-income residents, and the many details that are left to intergovernmental agreements and contracts that have not been finalized.

Despite sharing some of these concerns, the majority recommends voting for Measure 26-146 because of the importance of arts and arts education to Portland.

The majority recommends a “YES” vote on Measure 26-146.

The minority believes that these problems are too numerous to warrant a “yes” vote and that the Measure is a poorly-designed, piecemeal response to the systemic problems arising out of Oregon’s tax system.

The minority recommends a “NO” vote on Measure 26-146.

City Club members will vote on this report on Friday, October 19, 2012. Until the membership vote, City Club of Portland does not have an official position on this report. The outcome of this vote will be reported in the City Club Bulletin dated October 26, 2012 and online at www.

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