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City Club of Portland Bulletin, Vol. 101, No. 2, February 10, 2019

This research committee was charged with analyzing what the best form of government would be in terms of representation for the residents of Portland and whether Portland’s current commission form of government equitably represents all residents of the city. In answering these questions, the research committee examined both the administrative structure of Portland’s city government (how it is run) and the method used to choose elected officials. Because an inefficient, unaccountable or unworkable government system is neither representative nor equitable, the research committee also examined questions of efficiency and accountability. The topic is broad. One research committee cannot develop a complete, legal description of an ideal form of government. For that reason, rather than providing a complete blueprint, the committee’s recommended reforms are intended to help inform the next meeting of the City of Portland Charter Review Commission, to serve as a guide for policymakers in the city, and to inspire future ballot measures.

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