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Editor: Jake Johnson

Articles in this issue include:

  • Signing the Movement;
  • Man in CPSO Custody Dies on Thanksgiving;
  • Lars Larson and PSU Clash;
  • Mt. Hood Faults Add Earthquake Threat to Portland;
  • The Kelp Forests and Sea Urchins: It's Complicated;
  • Pennsylvania Catholic Church Knew of Over 1,000 Victims;
  • Will the City of Portland Increase Houseless Sweeps?;
  • The Portland Book Festival Formerly Known as Wordstock;
  • Herstory in the Making: Historic Firsts and Other Election Results;
  • Oregon Voting Laws; Public Education Victories in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona are a Model for the Country;
  • One Nation In/Divisible: Examining the Two-Party System;
  • Should We Start Eating Bugs?;
  • She Shreds: "Loud Enough to Be Documented";
  • Songs, Stories, and Death;
  • The Art of Risking Your Life; and
  • Chris Gethard Wants You to Lose Well

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The Pacific Sentinel, December 2018