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Feminist ethics, Ethics -- Religion


Care Ethics, Religion, and Spiritual Traditions is a collection of original essays that address the intersection between contemporary feminist care ethics and religious morality. Feminist care ethics is one of the most dynamic areas in modern theory. This relational approach to morality emphasizes context, emotion, and imagination over consequences, rules, and rights has only been around for about four decades, with its definition still being negotiated. Still, the respect for this approach is demonstrated by its widespread inclusion in moral discourse. Historically, care has been an overlooked concept in philosophy, but religion's ambivalence toward care ethics is even more pronounced. On the one hand, caring is a fundamental value espoused by virtually all religions and spiritual traditions. Yet, on the other hand, deontological principles so essential to many religious moralities create clear categories of adjudication antithetical to feminist care ethics. Care Ethics, Religion, and Spiritual Traditions engages theorists from various disciplines in discussing the continuities, discontinuities, and applications of feminist care ethics, spiritual traditions, and religion.

This collection includes contributions from Ruth E. Groenhout, Maurice Hamington, Adriana Jesenková, Luigina Mortari, Sarah Munawar, Inge van Nistelrooij, Kimberley D. Parzuchowski, Jamie Pitts, Martin Robb, Jason Rubenstein, Robert Michael Ruehl, Maureen Sander-Staudt, Steven Steyl, and Sarah Zager. The volume also includes a foreword by Catherine Keller.


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Volume 13.

Publisher: Leuven, Belgium, Peeters Publishers

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