Global Health and Global Governance of Emerging Biomedical Technologies

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Journal of Medical Ethics

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Global governance of emerging, disruptive biomedical technologies presents a multitude of ethical problems. The recent paper by Shozi raises some of these problems in the context of a discussion of what could be the disruptive (and most morally fraught) emerging biomedical technology-human germline genome editing. At the heart of their argument is the claim that, for something like gene editing, there is likely to be tension between the interests of specific states in crafting regulation for the technology, and disagreement about what would be necessary to meet the requirements for responsible translation of gene editing into the clinic. This complicates hopes for a tidy, algorithmic process of crafting global governance via frameworks for regulation built around core 'ethical values and principles' (as they are called in the WHO Framework), and also forces us to confront deeper philosophical questions about biotechnology and global health.


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