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Electron-positron interactions, Positron annihilation, Jets (Nuclear physics), Hadron colliders


We discuss the status of resummation of large logarithmic contributions to groomed event shapes of hadronic final states in electron-positron annihilation. We identify the missing ingredients needed for next-to-next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic (NNNLL) resummation of the mMDT groomed jet mass in e+e collisions: the low-scale collinear-soft constants at two-loop accuracy, c(2)Sc, and the three-loop non-cusp anomalous dimension of the global soft function, γ(2)S. We present a method for extracting those constants using fixed-order codes: the EVENT2 program to obtain the color coefficients of c(2)Sc, and MCCSM for extracting γ(2)S. We present all necessary formulae for resummation of the mMDT groomed heavy jet mass distribution at NNNLL accuracy.


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