People and the Land: An Oral History of Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning Program

Interview with Terry Moore (on Goal 10)

Interview with Terry Moore (on Goal 10)


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Terry Moore was interviewed by Bob Rindy on June 20, 2017. Their interview discusses Mr. Moore's long career as a planning consultant in Oregon and his perspectives on how Oregon's statewide land use planning program influenced urban growth, housing development, and affordable housing in the state.


Terry Moore has been a project manager at the consulting firm ECONorthwest since 1979, and leads its Planning and Development practice area. His studies of growth management, land use, transportation and economic development have helped to shape the evolution of Oregon’s statewide land use planning program. Bob Rindy is Legislative Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, the agency that administers the statewide land-use planning program set forth in 1973 with Senate Bill 100.


Oregon's Statewide Land Use Planning Program, adopted in 1973 after the passage of Senate Bill 100, contains nineteen goals or guidelines. Goal 10 provides for the housing needs of Oregon citizens by specifying that jurisdictions must plan for and accommodate needed housing types “at price ranges and rent levels which are commensurate with the financial capabilities of Oregon households and allow for flexibility of housing location, type, and density.” Goal 10 requires each city to inventory its buildable residential lands, project future needs for such lands, and plan and zone enough buildable land to meet those needs. It also prohibits local plans from discriminating against needed housing types. In 2017, Sy Adler, Jim Irvine, and others interviewed a series of key planners and advocates involved with Oregon's Statewide Planning Goal 10. These interviews are part of "People and the Land," a collaboration between the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development and Portland State University.


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Interview with Terry Moore (on Goal 10)